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Bad credit secured tribal loans no credit check no teletrack direct lenders are a relatively recent addition to most brokers' portfolios. Just a few years ago a less-than-perfect credit history usually meant the end of the financial road. However, today there are a variety of products to choose from; some of which are surprisingly attractive.

What is bad credit and how does it affect me?

Even if you are unaware of it; the chances are that your credit history is already logged with a Credit Reference Agency. Many factors go into calculating your credit score, including: how much you borrow, how you spread your debts (credit cards, hire purchase, mail order etc) and how regularly you meet repayments.

Banks and other lending institutions use your credit score to calculate how much of a borrowing risk you will be. The lower the credit rating, the greater the risk you are considered to be. Lenders typically offset risk by charging higher interest rates.

You've probably seen companies offering to repair your credit profile. In reality there's little that they can do that you can't. And you'll have to pay. Instead visit or telephone 0870 241 6212 and you can order a copy of your credit history for just £2.00. Check that all details are correct and fully up-to-date.

Can I get a secured loan with bad credit?

You've received your credit report, and the news is bad. Your credit rating is scraping the floor. The good news is that it is still possible to obtain a secured loan. A number of financial institutions have loans specifically tailored to people with a history of adverse credit.

Loan terms vary from lender to lender and the best advice is to shop around. Anyone with serious credit problems, including default notices and CCJs, will be looking at higher interest rates, but this is often balanced out against the amount of equity available in the property.

How do I find the best deals?

Just because you have a bad credit profile; doesn't mean that you'll be punished with sky-high rates. The secret to finding the right loan is to do as much homework as possible. A good broker will know which of their lenders are happy to overlook various black-marks on your credit history. For example: one lender may disregard CCJs which are more than three years old, while another will ignore credit defaults all together.

Should I take out a bad credit secured loan?

Before taking any major financial step, you should always think carefully about how this will affect your future. One of the best reasons for taking out a bad credit secured tribal loan companies no credit check is to repair your credit rating and get back on track. If you are already paying high rates on a variety of credit cards and other online tribal direct lenders, a secured loan may be the lifeline you need; helping you to get out of debt for good. When you're making your decision, sit down and calculate exactly how much interest you are already paying on your current debts. Then look for loans which offer lower rates of interest. The right secured loan will get rid of the debts that are damaging your credit rating, as well as saving you money in the long run.

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