O uso da sonoridade nas Odes Píticas de Píndaro

Leonardo Antunes


Abstract: In this article, we will attempt to analyse certain aspects of Pindar’s style through the study of a few figures of speech that were used by the poet in the Pythian Odes. We will also strive to understand the way by which those structural elements, mostly tied to sound, interact with the remaining aspects and content of those poems. During that analysis, it will become clear that, when studying a poet of great genius such as Pindar, one must read the text and see it through its own rules and, conversely, not by those commonly applied to similar types of poetry.

Keywords: Greek; lyric; Pindar; stylistic.


Greek; lyric; Pindar; stylistic

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17851/1983-3636.5.0.44-56


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