Constructing Cicero

Paulo Martins


This paper deals with the construction of Cicero’s image, linked with the ethos of the rhetorician Cicero. We studied this based on the idea of homology, since this procedure is so much used by poets and rhetoricians as a resource to consolidate their argumentation. As an example, we observed how it is constructed by Simonides of Ceos and Aristotle. Then, we operated the same concept in Cicero’s On Invention, Book II, in order to deal with the function of the homology we find there in the construction of Cicero’s ethos or auctoritas as rhetorician. To illuminate the theme, we use Dionysius Halicarnassus' On Imitation, since Cicero compares his own work with a Zeuxis’ painting (Helena), and Dionysius uses the same painting to explore the concept of imitation.

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