Conhecimentos em contato na formação pré-serviço

Simone Reis, Telmo Nunes Gimenez, Denise Ismênia Bossa Grassano Ortenzi, Elaine Fernandes Mateus


A case study analysing the socialization of a student-teacher ofEnglish language is presented. Based on data stemming from aquestionnaire, an autobiographical report, a class obsetvation report,two tape-recorded supetvision sessions, and one semi-structuredintetview, the case shows the use of a social strategy by the studentteacheras a way to sutvive the practicum supetvision provided atthe university. By identifying the student-teacher's beliefs, we foundthat because biography is central to the socialization process, it isnecessary to reconsider other ways to achieve the goals of theestablished teacher education curriculum.


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