Primeiros experimentos com dados articulatórios e sua relação com a segmentação acústica

Glauco F. G. Yared, Jaqueline V. Gonçalves, Plínio A. Barbosa, Luís G. P. Meloni


The main purpose of this work is to analyse the projections ofmaximum and minimum points of two articulatory trajectories duringspeech production over the acoustic signal, namely, the mouthaperture and the jaw opening. In order to do so, we have chosena native French speaker who repeated 5 times the followingsentence: “C’est pas ububuz, c’est pas ybybyz, c’est pas iziziz, c’estpas azhazhaz”. It seems reasonable from the analyses shown toestablish a correspondence between articulatory and acoustic events,which happens to be useful to help determine acoustic boundaries.The articulatory boundaries coincide with the middle of the vowelsand the mouth aperture seems to be a more consistent parameterthan jaw opening for establishing these regularities.


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