Call for Papers for the special issue of the Brazilian Journal of Applied Linguistics (RBLA) on


“Theories and Practices in Critical Language Teaching”


Editor-in-Chief: Andréa Mattos (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Guest Editor: Brian Morgan (Glendon College/York University, Canada)


A special issue of RBLA on critical language teaching cannot but embrace the foundational legacy of Paulo Freire and the transformative awareness that his work brings to everyday language practices and their implications for social power relations within schools and beyond. The dialogic notion of praxis—of action aligned with reflection—is of crucial importance whereby classroom literacies and pedagogies provide an evaluative lens upon theories that underpin them, which in turn encourage language specialists to seek out new conceptual frames through which critical language teaching may be invigorated and made more relevant to current times and challenges.


This issue of the Brazilian Journal of Applied Linguistics invites submissions that address power relations in both familiar and emerging areas of social life such as citizenship, economic oppression, indigeneity, postcoloniality, environmental issues, and the negotiation of identities. We encourage contributors to contextualize and engage with these issues in a variety of critical language teaching settings and domains:

-          Critical Applied Linguistics

-          Critical (Multi) Literacies and Pedagogies

-          Critical Language Teacher Education

-          Critical (Post) Methodologies, Curricula, and Research Approaches

-          Multi/Inter/Transcultural Education

-          Plurilingualism, Translanguaging, Metrolinguistics in language teaching

-          Focus on primary, secondary and/or postsecondary contexts

-          Languages for Specific/Academic Purposes

-          Other related issues

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Deadline: May 30th, 2017

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Posted: 2017-02-14
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